Homeowner FAQs

How many years of roofing experience does your company have?

40+ years! Terral Boys, Inc in Dubach, LA has over 40 years of experience. We’ve been serving the local communities in Lincoln, Qauchita, Claiborne, and Union Parishes for decades. We do residential and Commercial.


¿Hablas español?

 ¡Sí, hablamos español y estamos felices de ayudar! Nuestro equipo tiene más de 40 años de experiencia y puede encargarse de cualquier reparación de techo, instalación de techo o daños causados por tormentas en su techo. Yes we speak spanish and are happy to help! Our team has over 40 years experience and can handle any roofing repair, roof installation, or storm damage to your roof. 

What if I have an Emergency?

 Call us! We are always here to help in any emergency. Most of our emergency calls are roof leaks or recent storm damage to your roof.

Why are there stains on my roof?

Most likely this is a growth of algae or mold. Unfortunately it doesn't go away on it’s own and should be removed. If ignored it can shorten the lifespan of your roof. This growth uses your roof as it’s food source, yikes! Your roof may need a soft wash to get rid of it.  One of our experienced roofers can certainly take a look to see if this is the cause of your roof stains.

Can I just put shingles on top of my existing shingles?

 This is known as re-roofing. Your roof has to be a good candidate. It can only have one existing layer of shingles and have no leaks or missing shingles. 

What’s the difference between a Roof Replacement and Re-roofing?

A roof replacement leaves you with a brand new roof with new waterproofing, new flashings, new shingles whereas re-roofing is adding a second layer of shingles to your existing shingles.

Do you service my area?

We are located at 101 Terral Lane, Dubach, Louisiana 71235 and service Dubach, Ruston, West Monroe, Homer, Bernice, Simsboro, Farmerville, Sterlington, Marion, and anywhere within a one-hour radius of Dubach.

Do you offer a warranty?

Along with the manufacturer’s warranty, we provide a roofing workmanship guarantee for 1 year. We also conduct a detailed inspection of each roof replacement before we say your roof is complete. Our roofing company in Dubach, LA stands behind our work! Our clients tell us we are one of the best roofing companies out there!

Will my insurance pay for my new roof?

If storm damage is the reason you need a new roof it’s possible your homeowners insurance will cover this cost. We will provide an estimate for you to send to your insurance company. If your roof is older than it’s life expectancy it might have limited coverage. It's important you contact your insurance company and ask what your policy covers. 

Who will be installing my roof and are they licensed?

Our roofers are licensed and insured. We carry the LWCC roofer license that exemplifies safety. In addition, we carry a contractor’s license that enables us to handle any project that comes our way. This is especially important when repairing storm damage. We are roofing professionals!

How much will a new roof cost?

One of our roofing contractors will be glad to come out and give you a FREE ESTIMATE

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