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New Construction

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Don’t forget the number one thing before starting your new construction project, and that’s reaching out to your lender. This is so important to avoid disappointments. Home construction loans usually require a nice size downpayment and are typically harder to get than a traditional home loan. Although we don’t offer loan advice, we do want to make sure you’ve talked to your lender to see if a new home construction loan is right for you. 


Most clients come to us first with a handful of pictures, floor plans and ideas of what they are wanting. We Listen. It’s so important in the beginning to listen to you and what you are wanting. We have years of experience and can also offer ideas you may not have thought of. Together we will brainstorm and design the perfect home for your family. A custom built home should be just that. A home tailored to your needs and the needs of your family. Many clients don’t think about the energy and high efficiency materials available, options for under cabinet kitchen lighting, or asking for lighting in all closets. Let’s not forget the pantry! We recommend including a pantry in all kitchen designs, trust us on that. Or how about including large pull out drawers for your pots and pans so you no longer have to get on the floor looking in that deep cabinet to find what you need. The size of your garage matters too. Believe it or not, many existing home plans don’t account for two decent sized vehicles to be parked inside your garage and still have room to move around. We are licensed contractors and have been doing this for years so allow us to share our expertise! Although we also do commercial projects including offices and duplexes, we specialize in residential single family homes.


We handle your construction project from start to finish. After you’ve made your selections on materials and finishes, you simply have the enjoyment of dropping by anytime to see the progress! We take care of everything from getting the permits, site inspections, finishes, site clean up, all the way to seeing that the appliances are installed on time and that the custom bathroom mirrors are hung! We at Terral Boys do quality work that we are proud of and always pay attention to the small details, it’s the little things that matter and make your home beautiful. We work hard for our clients. With 40+ years of experience, you can count on us in Dubach & Ruston, LA. Call 318-245-5400 to schedule a FREE project consultation. Se Habla español.

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