Roof Repair


Leaky Roof

A roof leak can happen suddenly due to a fallen tree from a severe thunderstorm or a prolonged heavy rainfall, but it can also happen slowly over time and take weeks or months to notice. Call Terral Boys, Inc., your local roofing company, we will fix that leak!  Our roofer will inspect your roof and find the cause of your leak. Don’t fret! It’s possible your slow leak could simply be the result of a deteriorated seal or flashing and that’s an easy repair and one we see often. On the other hand, if your roof is 25 years or older, it might have reached its life expectancy and other leaks could soon be popping up. If this is the case, you might want to think about replacing your roof in the near future. We are happy to discuss your options and provide a FREE ESTIMATE.

Re-Roofing (Shingles over Shingles)

We are often asked if we can add shingles on top of shingles. This is one method used to restore your existing roof but not one we recommend for everyone. Not every roof is a good candidate. If you already have more than one layer of shingles you’re not a candidate. The weight load of additional shingles would be too heavy for your roof structure. Also, if you have a visible leak you more than likely have some water damage. Your ceiling is usually the first place you notice a leak, but by the time this ceiling stain is noticed, the water has traveled some distance and probably has caused damage along the way. Without the removal of your old shingles, you miss seeing any water damage that may need attention. Water damage left untreated can cause wood rot and weakens the structure..not to mention the dreaded fungal growth that happens on damp wood. To be a good candidate for a re-roofing, your existing roof needs to be in decent shape with no existing leaks or missing shingles. Re-roofing can extend the life of your existing roof and can be cost-effective but it requires an inspection by our professional roofers to see if it’s a good candidate. 

Missing Shingles

That recent storm may have wreaked havoc on your roof or maybe you’re selling your home and the home inspector saw missing or cracked shingles unbeknownst to you and included this on their inspection report.  Either way, we can get you fixed up! We’ll inspect your roof and replace any missing shingles and other general maintenance on your roof if needed. Contact us today for your roof repair! We will do a FREE INSPECTION.

Don’t ignore these signs

You’ve noticed a small spot on your ceiling or a missing shingle..please don’t ignore these signs. Our goal is to save you money and headaches down the road. Take it from us, clients who have ignored these signs wished they would have acted sooner. A missing shingle allows an entry point for water to seep in. A spot on the ceiling tells you there’s already a problem. If that leak is left alone, it can turn into a much larger problem resulting in not only a stained ceiling, but damaged walls and floors and possible mold growth. We’ll come out and make that simple roof repair so you can get back to enjoying your home! 

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